How Can I Listen Live to the Tommy Show?



You can listen on our app available free at the App Store or Google Play.  Our stream is also available on the home page of TommyShow.com.

I Am Having Trouble Streaming The Tommy Show on My iPhone or iPad.


We are no tech experts but have found that one of these simple steps solves the problem.

Completely close out of the app by stopping the stream and swiping up.

Check the App Store for the latest version of the Tommy Show. If there’s an updated version of the app available, it’ll be listed in the “Update” tab of the App Store.

Check your network connection. Try connecting over WiFi until you change locations.

If you’re still having trouble listening to The Tommy Show, try deleting and reinstalling the app. Often times a re-installation will fix any issues.


I Am Having Trouble Streaming The Tommy Show on My Android.


We are sorry you having issues!  We have found that these simple tips can help with some issues on the stream.

Check your internet connection

Try powering your phone off and then back on.

Check the Google Play Store for the latest version of The Tommy Show. If there’s an updated version available, it’ll be listed with an “Update” button.

Can I Stream The Tommy Show If I Am Not Using the App?

Yes, the stream of the Tommy Show is available on your web browser.   Go to TommyShow.com/Live.  You can also play recently aired segments on Apple Podcasts.

How Can I Listen to Segments of the Show?

On the Tommy Show app, we have an on demand button where we post Can’t Beat Kelly and some of our favorite segments from the show. You can easily find us on the podcast app on Apple.  Just search the “Tommy Show” on your podcast app. We are coming soon to Google Play and Spotify soon. Check back for details.

How Can I Get In Touch With Tommy and Kelly?

Check out our Instagram: Kelly @CityShopGirl, Tommy @MrTommyMcFly.  We post show notes about future show topics on our Twitter:  Kelly @CityShopGirl, Tommy @TommyMcFly.

We also post Facebook live video each morning.  Check out our page here.

Something we should know about? Please send us an email to [email protected].

How Can I Be A Sponsor on The Tommy Show?

We have sponsorship opportunities at all levels.  We would love to talk with you.  Send us an email to [email protected].